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MowRo | Easy, Safe, Fully Autonomous Lawn Mower

The lawnmower that takes zero time and zero effort. Get the perfect lawn without lifting a finger.

MowRo is an easy-to-use, fully autonomous lawn mower that is designed to save you time and always provides a beautifully manicured lawn.

With MowRo, never waste a Saturday again.

MowRo is schedulable, silent, incredibly efficient, and takes you mere minutes to set up!

MowRo runs on schedule every other day or night finely cutting your grass to help fertilize the lawn naturally.

A low profile, no-trip perimeter wire is placed according to the needs of your lawn. 

The wire acts as a wall so MowRo knows when to turn and maneuver around the lawn.

MowRo continuously mows day or night ensuring your lawn is pristinely kept and mows up to 6,500 sq ft per mow cycle. Program your yard size into MowRo, and the algorithm does the rest.

When it begins to rain, when MowRo finishes mowing or if MowRo becomes low on battery, it will automatically return to this docking station. 

MowRo’s electric motor is nearly silent, so silent you may not even notice it grooming away at your lawn on a sunny Saturday morning.

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