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Muro Box | The First App-Controlled Music Box

Enjoy unlimited live music played by a mechanical music box- you can even make your own songs!

With the patented cylinder and exclusive app for Muro Box, you can enjoy the live music performance of a mechanical music box playing all of your favorite songs right away!

We invented the world’s first app-controlled cylinder for Muro Box to make your dream come true: One music box plays all of your favorite songs.

You can upload your own compositions to the exclusive music cloud library and share them with other music box lovers in the world.

You can store all of your songs on it and play them anytime via our app.

Schedule your favorite melodies to play at the right time to start your wonderful day.

To make sure Muro Box can play the songs you desire to hear, we construct an exclusive music cloud library.

There is no limitation on how many songs you can upload.

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