MUSIC FINGERS® 🖐 play music tapping along

A wearable instrument and playful technology designed to create music and to play along just by tapping your fingers


Probably, YAAAAAS 👍🏼 'cause we all have music in our fingers 🖐🏽 When music is on, our fingers suddenly turn into musical instruments by tapping on any surface, anywhere: while driving, riding the subway, during work, at your desk, when going for a run, or in the middle of a party.

But, yeah, we know. It sucks when you feel the music flowing in your fingers, you start tapping, but you just cannot make your digits sound properly, and, instead of finger drumming, you’re finger thumping 👎🏾

We’ve created a wearable instrument -- a device that allows you to feel the music at your fingertips 👍🏿 It is a gadget, shaped like a finger thimble, with triggers that allow you to play different instruments & sounds on any surface.

This is Music Fingers®, a wearable instrument and a playful technological platform that invites & enables anyone, who feels music in their fingers, to create music & to play along their favorite songs just by tapping their fingers.

playful technology designed to invite & enable anyone to play music just by tapping your fingers in any situation, anytime, anywhere, on·the·go... unleash your fingers & let'em play!

Music Fingers® is a device to play music whenever you want, wherever you are; even while you dance! It works on any of your fingers. Its design is adaptable to any age or hand size. And it's extremely light & wireless, so it provides total freedom of movement.  [ detailed description of design & specifications further down ]

How It Works?  It is as simple as this:

Put your Music Fingers® on, connect them to your smartphone via Bluetooth, select instruments, sampled sounds or loops from our mobile app and start playing by tapping the triggers.

a wearable instrument made to play music tapping along

Bring your music to life by tapping your Music Fingers® and play lit music on·the·go! Music Fingers® also comes with a music making app enabling you to create your own music tracks and to play along your favorite songs. Choose genres, instruments, loops & sounds and, then, tap your Music Fingers® to make beats and to play music! Unleash your fingers, finger drum, experiment, have fun, mix styles, combine instruments, and make your music talent shine with Music Fingers®.      It is a playful easy-to-use music maker app that helps you bring out the artist in you. A simple way to create music quickly. Here are some of its exceptional features:

👉🏽 An extensive library of sounds & music tracks, including some of the most popular genres: Hip-hop, Trap, EDM, House, Pop, Rock...

👉🏽 Record your own samples.

👉🏽 Use loops to create your own versions and your own original music.

👉🏽 Play with other instruments, accompany a voice or combine with other Music Fingers®. The possibilities are endless!

👉🏽 Share your creations and let your music resonate amongst friends and family, and, why not, around the world through our social media integrations.

Playful, easy-to-use, fun and functional, Music Fingers® serves well the purpose of inviting & enabling anyone who feels music in their fingers --professional musicians, beat makers, producers or just music enthusiasts-- to challenge their inner artist through wearable technology; to make music from your heart, your soul, tapping your finger tips.

Unleash your fingers & let'em play!

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