Mutrics GB-30 | Ultra Slim Smart Audio Glasses For Gamers

Virtual 5.1 immersive audio | Open-ear NFSS | Anti-blue light | Iconic retro look | Swappable lenses | Bluetooth 5.0 | Ergonomic design

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by Mutrics

Middletown, DE

US$ 188,669 USD by 1,702 backers


Mutrics GB-30 is the world's first pair of smart glasses that are specially designed for video gamers. Its striking design, open-ear audio, advanced surround sound system and anti-blue light lenses combine to deliver gamers unparalleled sound experience as well as ear and eye comfort and protection for longtime video gaming.

Mutrics GB-30 uses open-ear audio technology to transfer stereo sound to your inner ear without the use of earbuds. Superior to other headphones, playing video games with Mutrics GB-30 for prolonged periods does not make your ears feel any discomfort or soreness. It leaves your ears unplugged so you are still able to hear and interact with the world around you when playing video games.

Mutric GB-30’s unique look makes you stand out from other gamers. Its retro design embodied in the color, texture and buttons is reminiscent of the classic video game console, and is a tribute to the complex of many seasoned video game players.

Mutrics GB-30’s cutting-edge near-field surround sound system transforms your game experience to virtual 5.1 on your mobile devices, delivering you rich, immersive and true-to-life sound. You are able to capture the slightest changes in the surrounding sound and pinpoint the enemy’s position with great ease to dominate the most intense, fierce matches.

The anti-blue light transparent lenses protect the eyes of yours and your children’s against the long-term exposure to harmful radiation emitted by any screen. They significantly mitigates the negative effects on the vision of heavy gamers and make a must-have video game accessory.

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