NitraPro - Built to Last, Stylish & Hygienic Protein Shaker.

A stainless steel protein shaker that doesn't leak, doesn't retain smell, compliments your style and will last you a lifetime.

Durability. Hygiene. Style.

NitraPro is a protein shaker, unlike any other protein shaker. With design on our mind, we introduce to you the most durable, hygienic and stylish shaker ever.

Back this project and smell the success, not the build-up of bacteria.

Keep it clean and avoid bad smells.

Have you ever forgotten to clean your shaker after a workout and opened it hours later just to be horrified by that pungent smell? Not only is this an unpleasant feeling but you’re also experiencing the build-up of bacteria taking over your bottle. We designed the NitraPro bottle to put an end to this. Our 100% hygienic kitchen-grade stainless steel bottle prevents bacteria build-up, is easy to clean and doesn’t absorb those nasty odors.

High quality, 100% BPA free.

All the materials we use are of the highest quality to ensure your shaker remains odor-free and the taste is not affected. We only use 100% BPA free, food-grade certified materials making NitraPro the most hygienic shaker ever.

Wanna stay cool…or hot?

Keep your drink at its original temperature for up to 12 hours with the double-walled insulation. That sweat caused by condensation won’t be an issue. You’ll be the only one sweating after a successful workout and ready to enjoy a drink at its perfect temperature in or out of the gym.

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