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Nuo | 3D Mask

Updated: Jul 30

A Bespoke mask that's tailored to fit you by AI & 3D Printing.

Everyone has the right to breathe clean air.

Today, we see more people wearing masks on a daily basis, but conventional masks do not work well.

You need the 3D Printed Mask - AI Tailored to you.

Our mask is available in white and black.

Nuo Mask is stylish and comfortable to wear daily just like your sunglasses.

Our mask is reusable with a replaceable filter system.

Countless prototypes to ensure we deliver the best fit.

AI Designed and 3D Printed Prototypes for different facial profiles.

We use computational design and AI to transform measurements into a bespoke mask that fits you.

AI Designed and 3D Printed Prototypes for different facial profiles.

A bespoke mask for each individual.

Cotton masks often have leakage problems and filter only twelve percent of pollution particles, disposable masks have leakage problems and they are uncomfortable to wear.

We are creating a mask that is comfortable to wear and protects you with a tailored fit, more importantly,  we want you to wear this out of pleasure like a pair of sunglasses.

Nuo 3D Mask comes with a replaceable filter that filters 99% of micropollutant particles, so you can always enjoy the fresh air.

Nuo 3D Mask is reusable and washable.

More importantly, Nuo 3D Mask can be personalized with a fully customizable label to make you special, so everyone can wear a stylish mask with a personal or family brand.

Step 1. Take Measurement

Step 2. Bespoke Design Generation

Step 3. Your model will be printed through our trusted partner: Shapeways in NYC and delivered to your door.

Nuo 3D Mask allows you to have an easy conversation over the phone while having the mask on.

Wear Nuo 3D Mask on different occasions.

Nuo 3D Mask with elegance and comfort can be worn out of pleasure just like sunglasses.

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99.99% UV-C Filtration of Pathogens and Air Pollution


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