orb drop II | a marble run track that you build yourself

DIY mechanical toy kit with a unique composite design which creates a rewarding hands-on experience and promotes STEM-related thinking

To design and create high quality, performance-driven, physics toys at an affordable price.  Along with our passion for design and engineering, we have remained young at heart with the curiosity to develop toys. Physics has always been a science discipline that has captivated our team. Hopefully, this inspiration allows us to introduce STEM-related subjects to children of all ages.

Orb Drop II creates a great building and learning experience for its users. All who assemble an Orb Drop II will be exposed to many unique areas:

  • Hands-On Construction,

  • Tools,

  • Mechanical Fasteners,

  • Materials (wood, plastic, metal),

  • Dynamics,

  • Kinetic Energy,

  • Gearing,

  • Electricity,

  • Cam Motion,

  • Gravity, and more.

The Orb Drop II is the ultimate gift and perfect addition to any toy room, kitchen counter-top, living room table, nightstand, or office desk. It is sure to start a conversation and capture the attention of all who see it in action.


Orb Drop II features a center stair-stepper lift mechanism driven by a series of 9 cams. These cams are located on a single shaft which is propelled by a gear connected to an electric motor. An alternating switch is positioned at the top of the track in order to supply orbs to two separate drops. The first drop is the shorter of the two and has a 60-degree drop into a loop de loop (3” loop compared to 2” loop on original Orb Drop). The second drop is longer and contains a sequence of small drops and inclines whiling banking around 13 curves. The orbs from both drops finish at the bottom of the stair-stepper to make their way back up to the top.

The overall design of the Orb Drop II is similar to the original but also has several improvements.  Orb Drop II does not use any guard rails as the track width has been increased to better contain the orb as it reaches higher speeds. Another noticeable improvement is how we utilize the rail supports more efficient and simplified their attachment method. This reduces complexity and helps make assembly more user-friendly. If your batteries run out you can now change them without removing any connectors or hardware.


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