Pictar Smart-Light Selfie Stick

The world's most innovative selfie stick makes you look good in every shot

Following the stellar success of the Pictar Smart Selfie Stick, Pictar (formerly Miggo) presents the Pictar Smart-Light Selfie Stick – The next generation of selfie sticks, hacking the perfect selfie trifecta: Light, angle & control.

With a detachable light allowing for better selfies under any light condition, the Pictar Smart-Light selfie stick’s 6-button control panel gives you full control of all photographic elements, including zoom, image brightness and more.

Lighting is everything. Unbalanced shadows in the wrong places (i.e. under your eyes or nose) can make you look kinda meh. Even lighting will accentuate your best assets and smooth out skin damages. When you’re taking a selfie, make sure you have a good source of light in front of you (unless you’re going for a more dramatic look – in this case light coming from the side will give you a deep, contrast-y feel), or simply pop on your selfie stick’s headlight for consistent lighting that will make you look just awesome.

We believe everyone is perfect and beautiful in their own way. None of us have symmetric features or flawless skin... and that’s ok! But when we want to look good in a picture, when we need to present ourselves in a positive way – we need to find our best, most flattering angle. That much can be a tricky thing to do when taking a selfie, when your hand has to keep reaching for your phone to adjust it. That’s why we installed a tilt function into this selfie stick, so that you’ll be able to modify your phone’s angle and find your best look at the touch of a button. It’s just super easy. Try it.

The thing about selfies is that you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard. The best way to achieve that? Just don’t try too hard! This selfie stick’s control panel, located at the base of the stick, surrounded by a rubber coat for maximum stability, gives you full control of all photographic elements, right at the tip of your fingers. Adjust zoom, light, tilt and more using the stick's control panel, so that one arm is always free to do whatever you want, and your overall pose is loose, dynamic and unassuming.

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