PiXLIGHT | A lightweight, portable, and off-camera Speedlight

Speedlight for ALL photo lovers. It syncs with your smartphone or any professional camera & comes with rechargeable batteries.

A light Speedlight for ALL photo lovers. It syncs with your smartphone or any professional camera & comes with rechargeable batteries.

PixLight is a lightweight, portable, and off-camera speedlight for ALL photo lovers. Installing and uninstalling fast, PiXLIGHT allows you to easily add perfect lighting to your photo shooting sessions. Regardless of your level of photography skills, you can use this product for any type of photography genres, from wedding to portrait, product to food, architecture to fashion. When it is the time to go for photo shooting, all you need is your professional camera or smartphone and PiXLIGHT. Yes, PiXLIGHT syncs with smartphones. It is an environmentally friendly product coming with rechargeable batteries.

Technical Details
  • This light is too light. PiXLIGHT weighs only 3.5 lbs (1.6 kg).

  • 203 cm (80 inches) long when fully set up with the umbrella and 32 cm (12.6 inches) when it is folded.

  • 6 and 8-ribs umbrellas  | The umbrella is a standard-sized umbrella and its length is 37.5 inches.

  • Guide number 60(ISO100).Recycle time is about 2 sec.

  • High-speed shots and multi-shots.Up to 400 shots when fully powered.

  • Made of high-density magnesium-aluminum alloy.

  • Made with CNC machines and anodic oxidation.

  • Flat surface that feels good to the touch.

  • Powerful, rechargeable and replaceable battery.

  • Tripod with angle lock.Flexible gooseneck tube with 360° swivel.

  • It comes with a remote and in-built trigger. Ability to sync with smartphones and professional cameras.

  • This efficient device is sure to come in handy for any professional and amateur photographer.

  • You can pair several of these flashes together in order to create the maximum level of lighting.

  • The rechargeable battery is very powerful and has helped improve recycle time in this device. A fully powered battery will last up to 4 hours, and you can carry several of these batteries with you on an important occasion.

  • You can easily and quickly connect this device to your smartphone with Bluetooth connection. By doing so, you will be able to adjust the power of the flash and have full control over the device. You can control several flashes at the same time and take professional photos with your smartphone.

  • You can take this device anywhere with you and take high-quality photos without having to worry about carrying all that heavy equipment.

  • This device is useable in any field, from wedding photography to architecture, documentary, food, product, family gatherings, and etc.

Modifiers Technical Details

PiXLIGHT modifiers consist of a bulb, sphere, a normal softbox, and an octagon softbox, and a round-shape softbox. Other modifiers include snoot and barn door for adjusting and directing the light, 10 different colored gels to color light, and a honeycomb grid to direct the light in a tight beam. An additional external battery and four types of umbrellas included in this package: gold, silver and golden-silver umbrellas with a single diffuser (white umbrella). All these modifiers are made of professional and lightweight materials and they can be attached and detached with a simple lock.

  • Additional external battery

  • Gold, silver, and golden-silver umbrellas

  • A single diffuser (white umbrella)Normal and octagon softbox

  • Bulb (to soften indoor lighting)

  • Sphere

  • Snoot

  • Barn door

  • 10 different colored gels

  • Honeycomb grid

  • Lightweight and easy to attach/detach

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