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Updated: Jul 30

Features AI tech with GPS, ECG, HR, SPO2, blood pressure, and 10+ days battery life

We at Pollix have dedicated ourselves to making better health & fitness possible through Advanced Pollix AI Technology. Our Ecosystem includes Smart- Watch, Tracker, Scale, Bottle, and more; connected with Pollix App based on AI tech.

Aiming to make better fitness possible, the Pollix Watch features AI technology with GPS, ECG, HR&HRV, SPO2, blood pressure,  17+ Workouts, and 10+ days battery life.

Our fitness smart watch will get you in shape and keep you there! Pollix Watch tracks your hourly activity, and your resting time, your steps, your distance, your sleep quality, your sleep hours, your calories burned, your distance climbed, your workout quality, your heart rate, we also engineered ECG, atrial fibrillation, SPO2 oxygen, Fatigue Index, ai blood pressure monitoring,  – everything you need to know to thrive!

Engineered last and to withstand all your adventures ahead, Pollix Watch is made from strong, lightweight, aerospace-grade antibacterial aluminum. The fitness smartwatch comes in a smooth-flush, IP68 waterproof 46mm case, 10+ days battery life and the IPS Display is made from Corning Gorilla Glass, which is rugged and crack-resistant.

Designed and engineered by Pollix to help you understand yourself more clearly and accurately.  Our AI technology & ecosystem will be there to support you every step of the way along your journey.

Our intuitive dashboard features your daily statistics, AI communications, alerts, goals, and progress tracking in one platform.

For your convenience, we’ve also designed the AI Pollix App, which helps you monitor your weight and stay fit. Your personal data will be also protected by European GDPR.

Keep your friends updates on your progress to hold yourself accountable, remain up-to-date on your stats, read AI suggestions, and receive all the alerts you set in one user-friendly interface. Set your goals and actually reach them! Pollix App links up with your device (or devices) to sync your information, and you can also sync it with third-party apps, including Strava, MyFitnessPall, Health App, and S-Health.

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