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Primo Ager | Professionally Dry-Age Your Own Meat

Age your own high-quality, delicious dry-aged meat easily, effectively, and professionally at home.

Primo Ager is the world’s most advanced professional-grade dry aging system for your home. It’s fully automated, so you don’t have to worry about babysitting your steaks.

Finally, you can have high-end, steakhouse quality, premium dry-aged meat at home, without the hassle or risk. 

Primo Ager is fully automated and ensures your meat is always of the highest quality and safety standards.

Temperature, humidity and airflow are strictly regulated and controlled by the integrated smart system and can be easily tracked and modified from the mobile app.

No setup needed. Primo Ager is ready to go out of the box!

It doesn’t need a water supply or even a lot of space to operate.

Simply plug it in and start aging. Professional dry-aging has never been this easy.

No ridiculous markups or complicated systems just delicious, tender steaks.

Age up to 100 lbs of meat safely, effectively, and professionally with only 3 sq feet of space.

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99.99% UV-C Filtration of Pathogens and Air Pollution


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