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PUMPIT | A Handheld & Cordless Smart Auto Tire Inflator

An ultra-portable, powerful pump that inflates cars, bikes, balls, and more to desired pressures in just minutes via a press on the button!

PUMPIT is an extremely compact and versatile air compressor that weighs only 1.1 pounds and measures just 5.1 inches on its longest side.

It includes a variety of nozzle adapters and preset modes for inflating all sorts of vehicles and household items.

 It is incredibly simple to use, just hook it up, press the button and it will start pumping.

Its easy-to-read LCD screen and auto cut-off ensure to fill the tire to the desired pressure without overinflation.

PUMPIT barely tips the scales over 1 pound and doesn’t exceed 5.1 inches on any side, making it the smallest pump among all the competing brands in the market.

PUMPIT comes with a 40cm(16inch) rubber air hose, a sports equipment needle, two high-pressure nozzles for cars and bicycles, covering almost all your inflation needs.

 You don’t have to worry about overinflation or underinflation at all, because PUMPIT has taken care of the whole process for you.

Thanks to its built-in Li-battery, PUMPIT is absolutely cable-free, making it extremely convenient to use on the go.

It has the capability of fully inflating up to a 700x23c road bike tire from 0 to 120PSI or a 26x1.95 mountain bike tire from 0 to 55PSI in just about 2 minutes, and a 195/65R15 vehicle tire from 0 to as high as 35PSI in about 15 minutes.

 PUMPIT’s back-lit LCD screen and floodlight make tire inflation or change much easier even in pitch-black conditions.

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