PURUS Air i Plus | Your Personal Air Quality Guardian

Filter free, portable, and removes harmful airborne particles & substances. PURUS is the air quality guardian we all deserve.

Sure, you got your household air purifiers that are oh-so-powerful. But when you are out bustling, who's there to safeguard your air quality? The situation is direr than ever, now that the pandemic is rampant across the globe, keeping your air quality clean is the number one priority.

Cars, coffee shops, workspaces or your nearby gardens, these seemingly harm-free places are likely filled with harmful substances. It's easy to overlook the importance of air quality when it's something so intangible. Think of the number of viruses that could be brewing in your crowded coffee shop. The pet dander from Bob, your beloved pet. The pollen from the nearby park. It's literally everywhere. 

Your home air purifier can only cover so much. When you need to get mobile, you’re going to need something more portable.

That brings us to PURUS Air i Plus, your personal air quality guardian. We crammed every possible bit of tech into this itty bitty package. No matter how tough your surroundings get, it's always there to make you breathe better.

It has three essential features that we believe is most important when it comes to personal air purifiers.

  • Purify the Air Around You

  • Always Monitoring

  • Pretty Darn Portable

Think of it as a virtual shield that purifies the surrounding air within 1 meter diameter. The 45-degree flow directing structure of PURUS Air i Plus coupled with a powerful turbofan creates a vortex, accelerating clean air delivery. Germs including bacterias and viruses, as well as molds, dander, pollen and other tiny particles can all be effectively removed through the process.

Epidemiologists suggest that air borne transmission or contact with mucous membranes are most likely to happen within one meter. Families with kids and office environments are especially crucial battle fronts to prevent disease transmission. It takes PURUS Air i Plus just 5 minutes to ensure that your personal space is stir cleared of potentially harmful substances.

PURUS Air i Plus comes equipped with an air quality sensor that always monitors your surrounding air quality. It automatically adjusts its intensity based on the environment. No matter where you go, you'll always be aware of the surrounding air quality.

 With the size of a 600ml / 20oz water bottle, you can practically carry PURUS Air i Plus everywhere you go. Think your backpack side pocket, your fancy designer bag, or simply the cup holder on your vehicle. Its small form factor is also greatly beneficial to compact spaces that are usually hard to reach. It’s perfect for places like the corner of a wardrobe or bedside.

The minimalist look and compact size of PURUS Air i Plus makes it unnoticeable in most environments. It's always there in the background doing the heavy lifting for you, ensuring the optimal air quality. It is the most reliable companion to keep with you wherever you go.

Here at PURUS, we don’t just talk the talk, we back up our claims with patented technologies, scientific tests, and real hard evidence. So without further ado, here’s some in depth look on how we achieve PURUS’s unmatched performance. 

Our exclusive patented stainless steel spiral wire-on-plate (instead of tungsten wire) forms plasma discharge with 42 electrodes, creating a long pathway for bacterias, viruses and particles alike. In comparison to traditional electrostatic precipitators, particles have a much higher chance to be attached by electro-discharge and encounter collision.

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