Radiant Sling | Quick Access, Expandable, Versatile

It must suit your needs and tastes, functional and aesthetic standpoint.



Los Angeles, United States

$817,088 USD by 10,635 backers $784,943 USD by 10,312 backers on Feb 2, 2020 with another platform

The Radiant Urban Sling Pack is the perfect solution for stylishly carrying your daily essentials. It offers more coverage for your items than a tote, yet is less bulky than a backpack.

You never know where the day (or night) might lead, so it’s good to have a bag that can keep up. Get more out of your gear by opting for a bag with the aesthetics and feature set to adapt to changing needs and environments, such as pivoting from work or school settings into outdoor, sport or short travel scenarios.

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