REVAN | The Safest Motorcycle Helmet-Mounted Dashcam

Capture everything in the front and behind of your motorcycle and check your blindspots using the intuitive HUD.

The single solution with everything a motorcyclist needs for a safe ride:

  • Record everything that happens in front and behind of your motorbike in 360-degree 1080p Full HD video

  • Check your blind spots using the intuitive HUD

  • Stay connected with other riders with the group-calling feature

  • Save and share the GPS coordinates of your tour map

  • Film a video of your ride in real-time and upload to social media

  • Listen to your favorite music or podcasts

All without taking your eyes off the road or hands off the handlebars.

Most riders have no idea of the dangers lurking in their blind spots.

Revan’s always-on HUD allows riders to see a live-feed of everything behind them and to the sides, at all times.

Through it, you monitor your surroundings, speed, location, time, battery levels and a variety of other metrics.

Dashcams with a wider angle of view distort the footage and hamper a rider’s ability to view clear images during playback. Revan’s 1080p Full HD camera provides the most optimal—143°—field-of-view to minimize distortion and allow for the highest video resolution possible while capturing everything behind a motorbike.


Smart helmets become dead weight if they don’t have power. Revan’s two lightweight batteries with 7000 mAh of power will last you 12 hours of safe ride on a single charge.

A fun trip can have us riding for hours, and you don’t just need to be safe for the first half. With Revan, you can ride in safety, knowing that you won’t run out of power—even on the longest journeys.

No matter how fast you go, Revan remains securely attached to helmets. Even at sustained speeds of 124 mph (200 km/h), its aerodynamic form will not cause any discomfort or fatigue.

Operate the HUD using the wireless Bluetooth handlebar remote control. Attach the remote on either side of the handlebars in a position that’s comfortable for you to reach with your fingers. Individual buttons on the remote control provide tactile feedback and make it easier to operate the HUD.

In emergency situations, reaching out for a remote on the handlebar or using voice commands may not be the safest bet.

That is why Revan senses any simple motion gestures you make and activates the rear-view camera in under a second. These gestures are simple and instinctive and Revan’s sensitivity to them can be adjusted right from within its handy app.

With a couple of intuitive moves of a rider's head, the camera will display live footage showing all that’s happening in the surroundings.

Revan comes with its intuitive mobile app. Use it to watch the live feed of your front and rear cameras, set up group calls, or adjust the settings in your HUD.

New feature updates such as real-time streaming and navigation will be rolling out soon.

Riding in a group can be a breath-taking experience but maintaining communication amongst everybody is a real nightmare. Revan enhances your collective riding experience offering leader-centric group calling to stay in touch with everyone in the group.

Using VoIP-based group calling, riders can invite a large number of people to a group call. The special permissions let the lead rider take control of the call by assigning other riders permission to talk, hence reducing the level of chatter during the call.

Equipped with a directional microphone Revan allows you to record noise-free audio while riding. Using an editing application, you can combine the crystal clear audio with your recorded videos and share them on social media or save them to your camera roll right from within the intuitive Revan app.

By linking your Revan to your smartphone with the latest Bluetooth tech, you can listen to radio, music, and podcasts when riding alone.

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