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Revov Tray Box | The Effortless Organizer for Everyday Carry

With Magnetic Rotating Mechanism, it feels like the lid is hovering. This is the most effortless organizer for your daily essentials.

Revov Tray Box creates the most effortless open experience.

Making for an entertaining and practical means of organizing your Everyday Carry.

Flick, Open. Head out with style and at ease.

Keep your everyday carry objects organized without even thinking.

What Makes Revov Tray Box kinda Awesome...

The floating magnetic lid swings open and into place with an oddly-satisfying, smooth motion.

Minimize the contact, it feels like the lid is floating!

Addicting, Bouncy, Satisfying...You Name It!

Speaking of functional, the configuration of the upper lid is tailor-made for people's Daily Essentials.

We listed the most common objects in our daily life, inducted the measurements of each, to make sure it fits all needs.

Divide in your way, and stay organized.

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