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ROIDMI X30 Pro | The Best Mop And Vacuum Cleaner

Updated: Jul 30

120,000 rotation per minute and 165 AW Suction Power | Magnetic Mop Box | A Variety Of Different Attachments

The Cons Of Traditional Vacuum Cleaner.

It is hassle-free from switching between hard floors and carpets cleaning heads.

Simply use this V-shape all-round brush head to deep clean across all floor types.

The bumpy design of the NEX-V brush surface can even clean the mess and dirt in the crevices of the floors.

Through vibration when spinning at high speed, the NEX-V brush can smack the hidden dust mites out of the carpet and suck them up simultaneously.

The X30 Pro can do a nice job of keeping your floor clean and get the job done in no time. Save you a lot of time and effort without the need for extra tools.

Deep clean your floor and remove stains or stubborn grime more effectively in one go with the water-resistant roller brush and the attachable magnetic mop box.

With the magnetic mop box design, it can be easily attached to the brush head or unloaded.

A silver-based antimicrobial agent derived from inorganic ion exchangers developed by Toagosei and Toray Japan.

The X30 Pro comes with a professional dust mite killing brush head, its 800 rpm high speed can disperse all the hidden dust dirt and dust mites from your sofas and beds effectively.

You can give your pet a nice comforting massage with the pet hair brush grooming attachment, to remove your pet's hair and dead skin directly.

A variety of attachments, More than just floor cleaning.

Empty the dust cup with just one touch.

Display the real-time performance and detailed status while cleaning.

What Is In The Box?

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99.99% UV-C Filtration of Pathogens and Air Pollution


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