Rotofarm | A Beautiful NASA-Inspired Indoor Garden

An award-winning garden that grows fresh herbs & vegetables in 3x less space.

Rotofarm by Bace is an advanced, space and time-efficient indoor garden packed in a beautiful, modern award-winning design. Grow your favorite vegetables, herbs, and microgreens using less space, water, and energy.

Rotofarm combines the power of NASA-inspired zero-gravity technology, energy-efficient sunlight spectrum lighting and smart app automation for the easiest, most efficient and most effective growing experience.

Rotofarm flawlessly fits 5.2 ft of growing surface into a compact cylinder that takes up 3x less space. Easily place it on top of a kitchen counter, table or island. With the award-winning design, Rotofarm also makes an excellent centerpiece or highlighted piece of decor anywhere you want.

Get healthy, nutrient-filled foods without pesticides or harmful chemicals. Rotofarm is made of BPA-free materials and contains no toxic metals in its construction.

By producing your vegetables and herbs directly at home, you know that your food is coming from a 100% safe, sustainable, and protected environment.​

With Rotofarm, you bring nature to any corner of your home or office. The sleek, modern and futuristic design enhances any space, while the lush garden inside breathes life wherever your Rotofarm lives.

Rotofarm makes gardening easy and efficient. No more wasted plants, wasted space, wasted water, or wasted energy. From the zero-gravity system to the full automation, Rotofarm is designed and engineered to ensure maximum efficiency and ease.

Zero Gravity. NASA-Technology. Faster Growth.

Rotofarm uses a NASA-inspired zero gravity technology that rotates your garden a full 360° every hour and reduces the growth-suppressing effects of gravity. This optimizes the watering and aeration of roots, encourages nutrient absorption, and maximizes both light exposure and space-utilization — resulting in faster growth with less water.

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