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S1 | The World’s Most Advanced Smart Lock

Securely unlock doors with 8 access methods, remotely manage permissions and check log from anywhere.

Born with a sleek design, S1 comes in 3 different configurations that fit any door and home.

S1 Smart Lock is fully compatible with Google and Amazon Alexa voice assistants that can open the door using voice commands and it neatly integrates into a smart home system for the ultimate in modern convenience and security.

The included YEEUU app is a powerful way to fully manage access for any door.

It maintains a complete log of entries that can be reviewed anytime, anywhere.

The system Auto-deactivates after too many failed entry attempts.

After 15 unsuccessful fingerprint attempts or 6 unsuccessful password attempts, the system will deactivate for 15 minutes and send an instant in-app alert to the administrator.

The S1 Smart Lock is designed to fit any door.

S1 can be directly used in the standard single-cylinder deadbolt lock and split-cylinder deadbolt lock.

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