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Satu Adventure Pants | Comfort and Performance Meet Style

Updated: Jul 30

Built to stand the mountains, look good in the city, and keep you ultra-comfortable through it all.

With a proprietary Japanese stretch weave and comfort design, the Satu Adventure Pants by Outdoor Vitals are the most comfortable pants you’ll ever wear.

Not only that, but they are built to be at home and everywhere you go!

The Satu Adventure Pants were built for ultra-comfort, incredible durability, and maximum performance with a lifetime guarantee.

Our products use quality materials, leading-edge manufacturing, fair employment practices, and innovative designs ensuring you get a superior product.

Since raising over a million dollars with our LoftTek Adventure jacket, you asked for more.

So we’re back to bring you our next game-changing piece of gear!

One major problem we found was with our current pant options was that we had pants for everything, but nothing as performance-focused and versatile as the LoftTek Jacket.

Together, we developed a pair of pants that are powerfully functional, extremely comfortable, and exceptionally good looking in every situation.

The Satu Adventure Pants use Toray’s Japanese-designed mechanical stretch fabric.

The proprietary weave and fabric construction makes them incredibly lightweight, flexible, strong, comfortable and remarkably fast drying.

Since the proprietary weave gives more than enough stretch to the fabric, we were able to construct Satu without heavy, slow-drying spandex.

Satu’s Japanese mechanical stretch fabric is stretchier, lighter, stronger, and faster drying than spandex.

It is an overall more advanced fabric, making it perfect for the Satu Adventure Pants.

The Satu Pants are extremely lightweight, making them super comfortable and perfect for travel.

Keep the Satu Pants snug and comfortable without needing a belt. 

The proprietary fabric weave and lack of spandex make these dry significantly faster than other pants. 

We are so confident in the build quality that we guarantee it for a lifetime!

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