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Simplelink | Two-way Magnetic 4K HDMI/Power/Data Cable

Updated: Jul 30

Two-way Magnetic Charging | 4K HDMI@60FPS Output | 10GB/s SSD-level Data Transfer | 60W Quick-charging.

Dual-magnetic attachment, charging/data/HDMI all-in-one

Simplelink has a 20-pin magnetic tip to attach the cable safe and firm onto the devices on both ways, making connections faster and more convenient than ever before.

With Simplelink, you can now plug in the cable into any display device in just a few seconds on both ways. No searching, no fumbling, one clicking sound and all is done. 

You can also connect your tablets or laptops to your screen via the Type-C port to switch to a bigger-sized display with zero compromises in pixels!

Apart from data transferring, the beauty of Type-C cable also enables quick-charging at up to 60W

Start charging your devices in seconds, get the juice at the fastest pace, and leave with no hassle in getting the cable out!

For the magnetic tips, Simplelink uses NdFeB magnet (N52) for better magnetic force and durability, the 18K-gold plated pins for better transfer stability, and finally, an aluminum shield to protect every component from tests of nature.

Here comes Simplelink magnetic hub! Easy on, easy off, with essential docks and the most compact body possible. 

It works perfectly with our 20-pin magnetic port. Anytime you want to get a presentation or transfer a huge file, one snug is all you need.

We set out to build a whole magnetic connection system that helps everyone

with worry-free, hassle-less user-experience.

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