SkyValet Luggage - Smart Luggage with Shark Wheels - Meet SkyValet

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

The most advanced airline approved luggage with Shark Wheels, a Wireless Charger, and more

Presenting a smart way to travel

SkyValet is a Revolutionary Airline and TSA compliant smart luggage offering unique features to help you stay charged up, wheel smoother, and access essentials with ease.

It is the most advanced airline approved luggage with Shark Wheels, and a Wireless Charger. SkyValet provides a feature-packed compliant smart luggage for the modern traveler.

The SkyValet Luggage Collection features:

  • Airline & TSA compliant luggage,

  • Wireless Charging - compatible with Apple, Samsung, & others,

  • Shark Wheel® Technology for smoother wheeling and durability,

  • Dual USB power ports,

  • a removable battery pack (10,000 mAh),

  • a magnetic front pocket for easy access,

  • a dedicated mobile application for the Bluetooth Lock.

It has shark weels first featured on Skateboards, a unique sine wave curved shape allows for wheeling easier around obstructions. It uses a double spinner for either horizontal wheeling or tilting (pulling) for the smoothest wheeling. It makes a cool aesthetic factor that is inherent in its revolutionary design.

SkyValet offers the first luggage collection with a patent-pending wireless phone charging dock that secures your phone in place while you’re rolling through the airport. It features the latest Qi technology and delivers up to 7.5W fast - charging speeds to phones.

It also has built-in dual USB ports which are secure and protected by the “snap shut” cover which protects them from damage while in transit. Both the USB ports and Wireless Charger are all controlled by the single power bank included with your SkyValet.

SkyValet comes with a removable 10,000 mAh power bank that fits into a specially built-in pocket on the carry-on and overnight business case. The power bank is sleek, lightweight and removable (you will have no problems at the airport since you can easily remove it whenever needed).

Patent-Pending Magnetic Front Pocket revolutionizes how you travel on the go.

The SkyValet dual locking system for the Carry-On and Overnight Business Case and a single locking system on the medium and large suitcases are operated through the free SkyValet app by Bluetooth. The lock is easy-to-use and secure with interlocking zippers that can only be unlocked by you with the SkyValet App (TSA approved). A sleek built-in scale is integrated into the carry handle (the weight of the suitcase is quickly and easily displayed at the push of a button).

SkyValet also has a GPS Tracker ( it will be available as an add-on after the campaign )

Made of word class materials (burst proof double-sized zippers, Makrolon Polycarbonate) it comes in 4 models: carry-on, overnight business case, medium, large.

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