SliderMini: Ultra portable & smooth camera slider

Updated: Feb 20

Easiest-to-use pocket-size motorized slider. Get awesome footage at fingertips with SliderMini!

SMART VIEW Introduces Smartta SliderMini:

The World’s Easiest-to-Use Motion-Controlled Camera SliderSmartta SliderMini, an easy-to-use, ultra-portable, app-controlled and affordable motorized camera slider will be launched soon on Indiegogo to fund the product’s final developmentSAN FRANCISCO, July 27, 2018 /PRNewswire-iReach/ –SMART VIEWhas designedSmartta SliderMini, the world’s easiest-to-use and affordable motion-controlled camera slider for phones, cameras, and DLSRs. This feature-rich motorized camera slider offers 10 built-in time-lapse modes; Time-lapse, Stop Motion made easy at the fingertips as well as a customizable time-lapse library. Featuring Androidand iOS Smartta Go app-controlled motion and Bluetooth capability for wireless control, users can easily set the shutter speed, exposure, clip length andduration of each shot. Moreover users can control the slider conveniently by pressing the button on its body even without the app.

Never need a ton of gears to make an epic video. SlideMini is the ONE to make magic happen. Just press the button on the body or tap on the app and you will capture breathtaking time-lapses and videos.“Get Smartta SliderMini out of the bag and you’re all set tostart shooting immediately. From college students and amateurs to vloggers and professional photographers and video makers, our camera slider is based on a “one product fits all” concept,” said Neil Wang, PM and a senior photographer and video content creator himself.After a comprehensive research on motorized camera sliders in the market, SMART VIEW found that most products were too expensive, bulky, complex and not user-friendly.

Reimaging the technology, they created a camera slider that is cost-effective, easy to use, affordable and portable, so it can be used anytime anywhere.”We believe that camera sliders should be as fine and elegant as good cameras. We’re truly delighted that we were able to design a product that is extremely easy to use and affordable,”said Neil Wang.

Smartta SliderMini Top Features:

·Unibody Design: Concise and beautiful

·Assembly FREE: Open your bag, take it out, you can start to shoot

·Dual control: Physical button, and wireless App control within 32.8 feet

·Ultra Smooth: Silent motion control, the slider can move as slow as 6μm/s

·Wide Speed Range: Live motion control between 6μm to 0.4in per second

·Long Gliding Path: 8in(20.32cm) gliding length meets 95% of shooting needs

·Smartta Go app: Time-lapse(Build in 10 time-lapsemodes), Stop Motion made easier at fingertips

·Users can create their own time-lapse library

·Long Battery Life: Battery lasts 48hours in normal use

·Large Capacity: Move any camera(up to 33.33lb)horizontally, and (up to 2.2lb) vertically

·Lightweight: Full kit is 1.25 lb(0.569kg)Smartta SliderMini, the world’s easiest-to-use motion-controlled motorized camera slider.

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