Square Off NEO & SWAP: Smart Automated Board Games

Updated: Feb 20

Board Games powered by Robotics & AI. Smart automated boards with multiple games & a built-in coach.

We are Square Off, disrupting the rapidly growing on-screen industry which rekindled interest in traditional gaming by introducing new age connected board-gaming platforms to engage, entertain & teach users across all age groups, around the world. 

Play. Learn. Connect. Take your chess prowess to the next level with this affordable, automated, and state-of-the-art device. No other chessboard comes close.

Play multiple board games on a single surface. The Swap gives you the power of choice and the convenience of switching between games in a matter of moments. It’s a game changer.

Compact, faster, and so much smarter, Square Off Neo combines state-of-the-art technology that’s taking chess to the future. Packed with adaptive AI, personalized chess coaching, and 1.5X faster movements, this is the ultimate chessboard. The only one you’ll ever need.

Whether you’ve just been introduced to the game/chess or if you’ve had a winning streak for decades, Neo’s built-in AI auto-adjusts to your skill level, giving you the fight of a lifetime at every move, with 30 difficulty levels to choose from.

It’s never too late to learn chess and with Square Off’s personalized coaching, we’ve made learning as seamless as talking to a friend. Combining smart digital learning and real-time coaching across various touch points, Viktor, your personal coach, helps you improve your skills by customizing his lessons to match your learning curve.

Rekindle old relations and make new connections. With Neo, you can connect to the world of chess, right on your board. Whether it’s a friend across the globe or a fellow player on Chess.com, challenge anyone, anywhere.

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