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Sunda 2.0 | The first 2-person ground-to-air tent, reimagined

Updated: Jul 30

An innovative tent that adapts to any terrain. Incredibly versatile and easy to use, you’re equipped to camp on the ground or in air.

A shelter that adapts to your needs in any terrain. From grassy plains to rocky mountainsides, Sunda 2.0 is a reliable home on the trail no matter the landscape beneath your feet.

Sunda 2.0 is the best of the tried-and-true features praised by Sunda owners a freestanding 2-person tent and 1-person all-in-one hammock tent.

With the spotlight on these two modes, we dramatically enhanced the overall user experience to create an easy to use, incredibly adaptable and durable 3-season tent.

Sunda 2.0 is a spacious 2-person tent that offers the most liveable space of any tent in its category. With 34.75 sq ft of vast interior living space, Sunda 2.0 has room for two adults plus all your gear, kids, or dogs.

Eight feet of length means that there's enough room for even the tallest camper.

Most tents boast about sit-up height, but their high point is usually isolated within a few square inches before the tent wall starts to slope down.

Sunda’s pole architecture creates a cavernous interior space without adding extra weight.

This new design streamlines and simplifies the transition process for set up in a fraction of the time. In hammock mode, it's an airy canopy and protection from the elements.

Two large tent doors offer easy in-and-out access while in tent mode or hammock mode. No need to crawl over your friend or partner in the middle of the night again.

The vestibules are 11% larger and provide more dry storage options without adding extra weight.

For two ground campers, each person has their own designated space to stash gear or muddy shoes.

Sunda 2.0 features two fly and tent body windows that are accessible from inside and outside the tent.

No tying knots, no second-guessing.

A few easy steps let you take camp off the ground for your best night of sleep.

Quality is in the details and with the redesign, we put a great deal of attention into the materials, components, and trims.

We opted for the strongest, most durable, industry-leading materials for backcountry camping.

A hammock provides soft support off the ground and curves to the natural arch of your back.

Are you ready for your next adventure with Sunda 2.0?

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