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Teti | Architecture Inspired Jewelry

Bring the world on your finger with this super detailed handcrafted ring

How many times have you wanted to enclose your favorite city and everything it represents within the space of a finger and always carry it with you?

Teti makes all this possible… it’s a wearable sculpture that arises emotions, aspirations, and memories. 

Teti is a super detailed micro city-sculpture, modeled in the form of a wearable high jewelry ring, plated with precious materials, and encased in lustrous and indestructible resin.

Whether you “heart” New York City, love London or firmly believe that all roads lead to Rome, you’ll never tire of gazing at your favorite city especially when it can fit in the palm of your hand or the hand of someone you love...

The idea came from our passion for art, design, and above all travel.

We all have memories related to particular places.

With a Teti ring, you won’t stray far from these memories, no matter where your travels take you.

The truth t is no matter what taste in jewelry you have or what you own The Teti Rings are truly unique pieces of jewelry.

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