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The Airhead Mask | Reinvented Pollution Protection

Updated: Jul 30

Patent-pending face mask. Designed and made in the UK.

The latest prototype. The final mask will be smaller and AirSkin® colors will vary.

 Our filters efficiently block 99% of PM2.5 particulate matter and can remove particles that are as small as 0.3 microns in size.

We are striving to obtain an FFP3 (N99) certification.

Through the entire design process, we've relentlessly focused on what customers want.

With our innovative team of designers at Brunel University, we went the extra mile to make this mask as comfortable as possible.

Nobody wants to look or feel silly, but everyone wants to be safe.

We’re delivering a mask that you’ll be proud to be seen in, and we’re changing the perception of what it means to be protected against pollution.

Above and beyond what you expect.

Major causes of air pollution are power generation, vehicle emissions, and natural disasters.

We’ve solved a problem and our mask will fit your face like no other.

It’s designed to fit your face perfectly, with an airtight seal so that no dirty air can leak through the sides.

They are rear-facing, they rapidly move hot air away from the face and they prevent glasses from steaming up.

This unique feature gives you a quick cooling breeze, or a chance to have a drink, snack or chat.

Grey, black or blue, choose a style to suit you.

Our modular design will let you take the mask apart, to allow you to give it a thorough clean.

Simpler answer the Airhead is for all who breathe!

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99.99% UV-C Filtration of Pathogens and Air Pollution


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