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The Smart Wallet

Updated: Jul 30

A Smart Wallet, compact effective and elegant! 13 Function Multitool, RFID, Pull Tab, Super Compact, Fits the same as a regular wallet!

The content of your regular wallet fits into this tiny thing, equipped with a pull tab to get the cards out easily, is RFID protected to prevent theft, includes a multitool and key clip. It also has an elastic strap so it can also hold bigger stuff and is made of real vegetable-tanned leather, the best type of leather.

 It's small, really small, no bigger than it has to be to fit the same content as a regular wallet. It's just efficient and also flexible thanks to the elastic strap.

 We don't want you to scale down on the content, just be unhindered.

The board above is quite clear, get that all in, no problem!

Because this wallet is card-sized, why not add a card-sized multi-tool.

The 2 side pockets are unprotected so you can keep a magnetic swipe card there so you will not have to take it out to use it.

Safe and secure, practical.

Pull it to get the cards out without effort, pick a card and then push them down and in.

The tab will retract and will be ready for the next time.

Simple but smart. 

 The elastic strap is one of the most useful features of The Smart Wallet.

We get audited by the Consortium of Vegetable Tanning, they audit us and the Tannery.

  You will have 8 different colors and finish options so you can match your wallet to anything.

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99.99% UV-C Filtration of Pathogens and Air Pollution


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