The Undercover V2 | World's First Changing-Room Backpack

Updated: Apr 17

The Undercover - Your Mobile Quick-Changing Room and Backpack all in one. Never be caught naked, again!

If you’re still using a towel to change clothes outdoors, listen up!

There comes a time in every active person's life where they run into this problem: How to change clothes after your workout if you don't have access to a clean, or a private place to change (which happens often, sometimes every workout for some. The struggle is real.)

Say goodbye to changing in the back seat of your car, awkward towel changing in public, and public restrooms.

The Undercover Version 2.0 is FASTER, QUICKER, and more convenient - saving you time, hassle, and frustration.

The Undercover V2 was designed to solve the problem of having to do outdoor wardrobe changes. This amazing patent-pending design is not available anywhere else, take a look.

How it Works (for bottoms): The Undercover V2 is designed to cover you up securely by a drawstring, and with it’s featured patent pending Side Access Openings, it allows you to access anything you need to remove. To redress, reverse the process. Slip out. Bam. That simple. You know you need it.

It's perfect for the ladies too!

Change into and out of sports bras, shirts, bikinis, and more with ease!

How it Works (for Tops): Ladies, you can now change your top without any embarrassing slips!

To start, slide The Undercover over your head and loosen the cord lock.

Yes, you can even use The Undercover as a Backpack so you can store your gear to and from your destination.  Zip it & Clip it, adjust the straps for fit, and boom- it’s a Backpack.  You know you'll need this!

Cross the straps across your chest for added security.  Holds 10 lbs safely!  It's legit!


NOW 73% LIGHTER, AND MORE COMPACT than the original version!  PERFECT FOR TRAVEL!

More compact than a bulky Towel:

Better than one, too. The Undercover is much smaller than trying to lug your big bulky fluffy beach towel around just to do your clothing changes. Smaller is sometimes better.

Everyday Carry:

Keep The Undercover in your gear bag, locker, or car at all times - You'll be using The Undercover more than you think, which is a good thing because that means your outdoors, killing it, and not stuck behind a desk.

The Undercover is perfect for:

Athletes, Adventurers, Team Sports: Use it everywhere (Don't leave home without it)- Imagine: Pack up The Undercover with your gear, change into your gear, and pack up all your stuff and strut home, easy-peasy style.

Runners, Cross-fit, Triathletes, Soccer Players, Swimmers, and more- we all change in odd places!

Teenagers and School Kids:  Let's face it - NO SCHOOL KID enjoys being forced to change in locker rooms or summer camp.  Do your son/daughter a favor and give them The Undercover so they have an option that gives them better security, and peace of mind.

Little Kiddos:  Instead of jamming your little kiddo in a cramped public restroom stall, while trying to squeeze between your stroller and the toilet, you can easily use The Undercover to avoid all of that headache.  Heck, there are literally a billion ways The Undercover can save you pain and suffering of raising a small child!  We know!  The struggle is real!

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