THINKDRIVER | Smart Bluetooth Car Diagnostic Tool

Updated: Jul 30

THINKDRIVER makes vehicle diagnosis easier, allowing users to get a detailed diagnostic report on the smartphone

THINKDRIVER is a smart Bluetooth diagnostic tool for DIYers and car owners, which is extremely close to professional diagnostic tools. Besides the full OBDII function, THINKDRIVER supports the vehicle's full system diagnostics to help you know every module in the car. Goodbye to normal OBDII dongle!

Now, THINKDRIVER will be the best helper for every car owner! This is the ultimate car diagnostic connector that allows you to easily and immediately know whether you should be aware of any issues with your car.

THINKCAR is the earliest OBDII Bluetooth diagnostic tool for full vehicle systems in the market full of basic tools with few functions.

THINKDIAG, with the same functions but lower price than the professional diagnostic tools which always cost thousands of dollars. The whole system is diagnosed through the mobile app. Users can choose the car brand they need. Then THINKDIAG successfully got the reputation.

THINKDRIVER is based on THIKDIAG, but we optimize the cost and reduce functions for professional mechanics. We strive to minimize the price of THINKDRIVER to let all car owners test the full system of the vehicle, much more than the OBDII.

There are no requirements of diagnostic knowledge. THINKDRIVER’s professional features allow anyone to easily use it without any technical training. THINKDRIVER is extremely smart with its outstanding performance.

THINKDRIVE offers a comprehensive, efficient and reliable full vehicle code reading and clearing process. From THINKDRIVER App, you have access to view live data flow of the entire vehicle system, which will be combined to create an easy-to-understand chart that presents data and conclusions about anything your car needs.

This is one of the most important tests that most similar products don’t offer. Well, THINKDRIVER offers this as one of its features. It’s true, THINKDRIVER provides a 0-100 km/h (62.24mile) acceleration test. It is one of the most important data points that its ‘Full System Diagnosis’ offers. When the speed is greater than 0km/h, the timing starts, and when the speed reaches 100km/h, the timing ends, and you can customize the timing speed. After completing the acceleration timing test, the device can rank the results, and you can even compare them with THINKDRIVER’s own network. Yep, convenient and cool!

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