TOOYN – The One Charger for All Apple Devices – Overview

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

This Mac charger also charges your iWatch, iPhone, Airpods WIRELESSLY and is your perfect TYPE-C HUB


Tooyn Charger is a MacBook charger, equipped with wireless charger for your other devices and a USB-C hub. The Tooyn Charger includes the following features:

  1. ✅ Laptop Charger

  2. ✅ iPhone Wireless Charger

  3. ✅ iWatch Wireless Charger

  4. ✅ AirPods Wireless Charger

  5. ✅ Type-C Hub: ✔ 2 USB-A QC 3.0; ✔ 4K HDMI; ✔ SD/MC slot; ✔ MicroSD slot

  6. ✅ Additional High Capacity Power Bank

Tooyn Charger is more than just a Type-C Charger. Incorporated inside are 2 fast charging USB 3.0 QC ports that will charge any device at lightning speeds. The extra USB-C input, HDMI port and 2 different sized SD/Memory Card slots will ensure your being always connected to your environment. Tooyn Charger also incorporates a built-in wireless charger for your phone and iWatch. No more extra cables! Just rest your phone on Tooyn and get charging!

We used the highest quality components for Tooyn, to guarantee the fastest connectivity and unparalleled upload and download speeds. The new generation quality parts ensure that you receive an industry leading product. Never again will you be slowed down by outdated technology.

The Tooyn Charger was conceptualized with a team of designers. We chose a form and aesthetics that complement your Mac becoming an extension of the laptop itself. Presented in color combinations that suit your personal laptop, there is a Tooyn perfect for you.

To perfectly suit your laptop we developed the Tooyn Charger in colors most compelling to the modern laptops. Available in three options: Space Grey, Silver and Rose Gold. Coated in Aluminium and Acrylic glass, the Tooyn Chargers are perfect both in looks and functionality.

The Tooyn Charger Ultra charges your macbook and all other devices from the wall socket or power bank. The Tooyn Charger Basic is super slim and does not have AC power input and needs an external power source.

The concept of the Tooyn Charger was introduced when we realized that our newer laptops did not have the inputs we use everyday. More so, we had to pay a fortune to buy each and every adapter device.

Rather than carrying around a million impractical dongles we designed the Tooyn Charger. It has everything we need for our Macs. Whether we’re working or just having fun, the Tooyn Charger has everything we need to bring our laptop to its full potential.

For those days when you need most energy, whilst staying unplugged, we have a power bank, especially develop to work with the Tooyn Charger. With 10,000 mAh capacity the Tooyn power bank will ensure, that you never run out of energy.

The Tooyn Power Bank can be used to charge your devices through wire or wirelessly through the Tooyn Charger Basic and all of those plus your laptop through Tooyn Charger Ultra.

The Tooyn Power Bank will be available for pre-order in your post-purchase surveys with 30% off from the retail price.

Tooyn is not a concept. We already have the contracts with our suppliers and are simply waiting for the orders to launch the production line. We are launching our project with the intent to start shipping immediately after the campaign ends. When you back Tooyn you are guaranteeing a pre-order.

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