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Top 10 Viral Kickstarters for the best self-protection in 2020!

Updated: Jul 27

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25.07.2020 Saturday, Zagreb, Croatia

Fear, frustration, panic, anger, confusion … we have all been dealing with these emotions

and many others during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The amount of media attention, whether social media or news media, keeps these emotions at or near the surface seemingly all the time. Our way of life has been impacted in ways we never anticipated or imagined. As a result of these significant disruptions, it is crucial for all of us to demonstrate empathy in each and every encounter for our family, friends, our coworkers, and ourselves.

Your fear is our motivation and that's why we strive to find the best solutions and top-notch Kickstarter discoveries that are born every day to help us fight in this war against our invisible enemy.

Read more about the top 10 Kickstarters below!

10. Silver Grip | The first reusable hand-sanitizing gloves!

Eco-friendly, silver-plated, self-sterilizing, and naturally antimicrobial accessory to a face mask for traveling, outdoor, or working out.

9. Sanikind | The eco-friendly sanitizer mist for hands and surfaces!

The ultimate keychain-sized, sanitizing kit made from ocean-bound plastic.

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8. The Blocc | Stylish face shield made to break your worst habit!

Stylish, comfortable, and reusable face shield designed to help you from habitually touching your face.

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7. The MOD S2 | A reusable protective silicone face mask!

The reusable medical-grade silicone mask that is 100% secure fit and with dual-carbon filters.

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6. CIVILITY | The next-gen transparent mask!

Advanced tech, secure and transparent, trendy french design, sustainable and it's not just a face mask.

5. The RespoLab | A valveless engineered face masks!

The reusable face mask solution certified for EN1827, FFP3, and N99 Standard.

4. purME | A face mask you can wear every day!

Crystal-clear, light, comfortable, and modular respirator to protect you against all threats.

3. Breeze | The cooling face mask with gold and silver filters!

Antimicrobial and face cooling technology respirator, designed for comfortable daily usage: traveling, fitness, shopping, socializing.

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US$ 104,00+ | 1,280+ Backers

2. UVMask | The UV-C face mask to enjoy breathing in public again!

The patent-pending air purification mask that filters air pollutants, dust, pollen, leaf mulch & droplets as you breathe in real-time.

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US$ 1,906,000+ | 10,100+ Backers

1. LEAF Mask | The world's first FDA, UV-C N99, Clear mask!

World's first FDA registered, transparent, UV-C sterilizing, smart mask with active ventilation and N99+ HEPA.

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US$ 3,901,000+ | 23,200+ Backers

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99.99% UV-C Filtration of Pathogens and Air Pollution


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