Travel Cork World Map 3.0 | by Enjoy The Wood

Cork wall map is a travel tracker map, interactive map to save your best memories! Use pins in any place!

Introducing upgraded Travel Cork World Map by Enjoy The Wood

We have different designs you can choose from: Cork natural, black, blue, kids blue, kids pink.

Enjoy The Wood Cork World Map - is an exclusive design for true travel lovers. World Map 3.0 is more than ever before multifunctional and now has the world's biggest rivers shown on it.

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Cork material allows you to insert any pin in any spot - mark as many past and future travels as you want!

Cork World Map by EnjoyTheWood is 100% organic and eco-friendly. No tree is cut down to create a map! And not only that...

Our map is made with a highly detailed precision cut using high-quality technics as well as organic materials.

The One and Ultimate Style!

Includes: Map with country names and borderlines, states names of the USA, Canada, and Australia, capitals of countries, lake and rivers!

Adventures are the best way to learn!


📍 Handmade of cork + wooden background.

📍 Wooden wall compass, airplanes, and boats are included.

📍 Easy installation in under an hour with included installation instructions.

📍 Includes special sticky tape / double-sided removable adhesive that doesn't ruin your walls (however do not adhere to wallpaper).

📍 This is not a true geographical map in that we don't include all countries and islands. However, if you wish to have certain islands or countries added, please contact us and we gladly add it to your order. Many islands are omitted due to the size of the map. You can order more islands as add on.

📍 Comes already gift wrapped, ready for gift giving.

💥 The novelty of Cork world map 💥

📍It has lakes, rivers, and capitals for any size!

📍New Flag push pins of 194 different countries. (will be available if we reach our next stretch goal, Kickstarter special)

📍New option of ocean names (will be available if we reach our next stretch goal, Kickstarter special)

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