TripPal – The Travel Pillow with All-rounded Neck Support

Updated: Jul 30

Travel Pillow with Soft and 360 Degree All-Round Neck Support

First Travel Pillow Designed with Cervical Spondylosis in Mind

My name is Joshua, founder of TripPal, I’m a frequent traveller, and I suffer from cervical spondylosis – a type of arthritis in my neck. I’d been searching for the best travel pillow – one that could really support my neck since long haul flights are a nightmare.

Unfortunately, nothing I found worked well.

So, I decided to design a neck pillow for myself – a state-of-the-art travel pillow that HELPS YOU TO SLEEP JUST LIKE AT HOME while you’re in the air, in a car, riding a train, or just on your lunch break.

360-degree solid neck support, sleep just like at home

Timing is always a challenge with the production of a new product. However, we are working with top-notch suppliers and we have padded our timeline to make sure we can hit the time frames we have laid out. Also our QA team is in place to personally check every shipment that will go out to make sure all backers receive the product without any defaults. The challenge therefore will not be the production side, but mostly the fulfillment side. We now have a good margin in our delivery times, and hope to deliver all the pillows even before the deadline mentioned on this page.

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