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TrosssMolly | The Most Portable Abdominal Wheel Ever

Rotates 90°, Fat blaster, all-round body sculpting, abdominal muscle training, safe body-shaping.

3S TrosssMolly Rotatable Abdominal Wheel is workout equipment that is safe, easy to store, and rotatable.

This versatile exercise equipment would keep you lean, active, and healthy.

By using 3S TrosssMolly Rotatable Abdominal Wheel, you will achieve your body goals easily.

Getting the bikini body you want is possible with 3S TrosssMolly abdominal wheel.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, this abdominal wheel will help you get the ultimate workout you need.

Unlike most abdominal wheel in the market, this one allows you to save 50% more space.

The handle and the wheels are rotatable to 90° that allows motion flexibility and more stability.

Mini 3S TrosssMolly Rotatable Abdominal Wheel can be put into any carry-on backpack or bag and carried to any place for fitness.

The handheld handle could recreate the experience as if you’re riding on a cool bike while working out on your core.

Working out has never been fun.

TrosssMolly Specification

Time to have all-round body sculpting which will make you feel better and more energized!

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