Ultrasona | Ultrasonic Cleaning in the Palm of Your Hand

The Ultimate Everyday Ultrasonic Cleaner

Say goodbye to scrubbing, scouring, buffing, and polishing. Ultrasona uses the power of ultrasonic waves to make cleaning easier than ever. In minutes, Ultrasona can clean just about anything down to a microscopic level, totally hands-free. Safe, portable, and family-friendly, Ultrasona will change the way you clean.

Ultrasona uses the power of sound to clean your stuff more effectively than any washing machine. It pulses 50,000 sound waves per second through water, creating microscopic shock waves that eliminate 99.9% of dirt, stains, and bacteria.

This technology has been used in hospitals and factories for years, and it’s completely safe. Now, Ultrasona is putting the power of a better, healthier clean into the palm of your hand.

Ultrasona can clean pretty much anything. Tools, work boots, vinyl, watches, paintbrushes, toothbrushes, and anything else you can fit into a basin of water. The go-anywhere clean-everything tool, Ultrasona helps you live a cleaner, safer, and easier life.

Ultrasona pulses 50,000 invisible sound waves per second through water. The resulting reverberations cause extreme pressure changes in the water and create microscopic bubbles. The bubbles bind to surfaces and infiltrate the tiniest cracks and creases where dirt hides. But, the bubbles are super tiny and volatile, so they soon implode, causing a shock wave powerful enough to blast even the toughest grime and stains off of your stuff. In fact, the shock wave is so strong that it even eliminates 99.9% of microscopic contaminants like bacteria. This entire process is invisible to the eye and completely safe for you and your belongings.

What do you think happens to all the bacteria and viruses on your dirty clothes after going through the wash? Hundreds of millions of them find a new home in your washing machine, just waiting to be swirled and spun around with your next load. Studies show laundry straight out of the wash can contain bacteria and viruses like E. coli, Staph, Salmonella, and dozens more. These invisible contaminants can directly result in illnesses, acne, eczema, and asthma attacks.

Ultrasona guarantees a microscopic clean, eliminating 99.9% of visible and invisible contaminants and grime every time. Not only does it sterilize your belongings and protect your health, but it can also clean your delicates without risk of damage or discoloration. With Ultrasona, you’ll never have to worry about fading, bleeding colors, relentless stains, stretching, or handwashing ever again.

Pesticides lurking on your food are highly resistant to cleaning and are invisible to the naked eye. The only way to know for sure that your food is fresh and contaminant-free is to cleanse it at a microscopic level with Ultrasona.

Personal hygiene items are hard to clean, so most of us just don’t do it (when’s the last time you cleaned your toothbrush?). With Ultrasona, you can sterilize your hygiene products in minutes, protecting your health and improving your skin.

Nothing can escape Ultrasona’s ultrasonic waves. Through the process of ultrasonic cavitation, Ultrasona’s waves clean at a microscopic level, infiltrating creases and cracks and eliminating contaminants invisible to the human eye. Eliminate all traces of unwanted dirt, grime, bacteria, mold, stains, and more from anything and enjoy a clean you’ve never seen.

You’re on a business trip and you get mustard on your best tie. You’re hiking through South America and there’s no washing machine in sight. What do you do?

With Ultrasona, you’ll never have to make an emergency run to the mall or deal with dirty, smelly clothes again. Lightweight and less than 5 inches long, Ultrasona easily fits in any bag, purse, briefcase, or backpack. Never miss the big meeting or the next adventure. Travel clean and feel great with Ultrasona.

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