Unit Bag 2+ / 3-Way Hold, Feature Packed Backpacks

Updated: Mar 17

Bags don't have to be expensive. So we created our own.

Introducing the Unit Bag 2+

As office workers traveling around the globe, we wanted a bag that was stylish for business, but still comfortable for long trips. We wanted a bag slim enough to slide through the bustling metro, but spacious enough to store all our travel essentials. But while these bags existed, they were all too flimsy, poorly designed, or ridiculously expensive. So after 2 years of painstaking development, we now present the Unit Bag 2+.

The Unit Bag 2+ is a versatile everyday backpack that combines functionality, durability and accessibility. While being sleek and stylish, the Unit Bag 2 is a super functional, quality workhorse. And most importantly, the Unit Bag 2+ starts at just 39 dollars.

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