V3 Blaze Wallet | Everything You Need In A Minimalist Wallet

The Blaze Wallet by Valmor Design is completely custom-designed for busy modern day professional, you have everything you need and more

The V3 Blaze Wallet by Valmor Design is completely custom-designed for busy modern-day professionals on the go. Lose the weight of your thick wallet but never compromise on performance. With a few specialized pockets and cutting-edge technology, you have everything you need and more.

You’ve been telling us what you want, and our development team has been working hard every day to make it real. And now we bring you Blaze Wallet evolved form, the Strapo Wallet. With it, our new company name, Valmor Design.

With The Blaze Wallet, We Invite You To Be A Part Of Our Story Again

The story of the Blaze Wallet is a story of doing more with less -- of having a wallet that is sleek and thin but does just as much or more than a regular wallet.

Our designers have pulled out all the stops to create something we dare to call revolutionary in wallet design.

Gone are the days where you have to carry around a thick, fat brick of a wallet that bulges and makes you “sit crooked” all day.

Also gone are the days when a minimalist wallet is nothing more than a glorified money clip. We’ve invented a wallet that truly does allow you to do more with less.

Walk away from tradition and join the Valmor Design movement with your Blaze Wallet today!

Crafted from classic top-grain leather that will patina beautifully -- each crease, nick, and mark burnishing it with one-of-a-kind highlights showing every step of your journey.

  • Crafted from premium top-grain leather that will patina beautifully

  • 2 cards in front pockets

  • Central pocket that holds 3-4 cards, which is RFID protected

  • Pull tab strap to easily access cards

  • Highly durable elastic band stores up to 3-4 cards

  • Drop-free coin pocket

  • Lanyard loop/keyring attachment

  • GPS tracker pocket

  • Built-in NFC

  • RFID protection

  • Work ID or transit card easy scanning slotSlim, low-profile design

  • Eco-friendly packaging

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