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VESANY | Hidden Camera Detector

Updated: Jul 30

Anti Spy Cam | Anti GPS Locator | Anti Break-in | Anti Theft | Sleek & Compact | Must-Have Travel Companion

As electronics get smaller, more sophisticated and cheaper, pinhole cameras are no longer exclusive to James Bond kind of secret agents or the law enforcement, but easily accessible to everyone, including those who have an agenda against you.

Your privacy, therefore, is more at risk than ever.

Out of this Craziness, we create hope, hope in the name of VESANY.

VESANY detects a wide range of wireless signals, 100MHz to 6GHz, within 3m/10ft., leaving spy cams, wireless trackers, GPS locators, etc. nowhere to hide.

After making sure there is wireless signal emitting, use the infrared scanning feature to quickly locate the source of the signal.

The camera lens will reflect the infrared light, which is how VESANY pinpoints the spy cameras.

VESANY boasts a sensitive motion sensor, which detects even every slight movement. Hang it off the doorknob of your hotel room, so you can enjoy a night of sound sleep.

Hang it off your luggage while you're occupied and couldn't keep an eye on it.

Anyone tries to move your luggage the VESANY will trigger the alarm.

When designing VESANY, we had traveling in mind. We knew it had to be compact and portable with long battery life, and last but not the least, stylish.

Now with VESANY, you can travel with safety, security, and style.

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99.99% UV-C Filtration of Pathogens and Air Pollution


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