VOIXATCH | The First Smart Watch with Built-in BT Headset

Customizable and detachable bezel works as Bluetooth headset, automatically taking calls even without a smartphone

The world’s first smart watch with Bluetooth headset that charges on your wrist

VOIXATCH embodies the ultimate smartwatch technology, matching seamless connectivity(LTE + GPS) and smartwatch features with personalized style.

VOIXATCH is the world’s first device that lets you enjoy all the essential features of a smartphone in a cellular-enabled smartwatch that you can customize and adapt to your daily style while also using it as a smartly integrated Bluetooth 5.0 headset that easily keeps you connected wherever you go, whatever you’re doing.

Integrated Design : LTE + GPS + BT Headset in a Watch

VOIXATCH wants to make your life easier with a patented all-in-one design. This feature gives you more freedom and convenience to discover the true value of a smartwatch

Beyond the Bezel

VOIXATCH goes beyond the conventional bezel. This true smartwatch features a detachable bezel that is actually Bluetooth headset with integrated speaker & MIC.

Gold or Platinum?

Don’t you feel that the golden bezel particularly goes with your style today? All you have to do is change the bezel choosing from the four available colors, and you’ll find one that better compliments the way you look at any given time.

Post-Phone Freedom

Leave your phone behind and enjoy real freedom and mobility. VOIXATCH will lighten your pockets and hands while seamlessly keeping you connected with the world when you need it.

All Around Connected

You’ll also like to know that VOIXATCH’s Bluetooth bezel headset can be connected to both the smartwatch and the smartphone at the same time. That means you’re connected all around.

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