Winston: Take Back Control of Your Online Privacy – Overview

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

A 60-sec setup, plug-and-play device that reclaims your use of internet on ANY connected device. Stop being watched, packaged & sold.


Welcome to the surveillance economy, where YOU are the PRODUCT.

Your smartphone. Your computer. Your tablet. Your TV. All connected devices at home.

Every time you connect to the Internet, hundreds of tech companies and advertisers are watching you.

Your ENTIRE digital profile is for SALE.

Where you live, where you go, what you buy, your medical history – all without your knowledge or consent.

Why? Because they want to influence how you spend your time and money.

They want to SHAPE your world.

See Winston in Action

Your every online move is being tracked by big tech companies, advertisers, data brokers, governments, and more. Winston allows you to retake control of your data and use the Internet without giving up a staggering amount of personal information.

Your monthly service comes with daily updates to our anti-tracking and anti-malware database, encrypted DNS, unlimited cloaked bandwidth and software updates.

If your monthly service lapses, anonymization, encrypted DNS, and updates will automatically terminate. Your device will continue to function but at a reduced level of functionality.

Guaranteed Delivery

We’re providing a 100% delivery guarantee – if Winston isn’t produced or delivered for any reason – we’ll fully return the money pledged via Kickstarter.


For purchases outside the USA, customers are responsible for VAT/GST.

Winston’s founder, Richard Stokes, was in the ad-tech industry for over a decade, most recently as the Global Head of Innovation for the media intelligence division of the world’s largest advertising agency. In that role, he saw the industry move to embrace new technologies that track, mine, and sell private information (imagine every song you like, every relationship, every purchase you make, and every secret you have being stored forever in the cloud). That was the beginning of the omnipresent surveillance state.

Rich decided this was not a world that he wanted his children to grow up in. It all came down to one question…if he wasn’t the person to do something about it, then who would?

That’s where Winston comes in.

We founded Winston Privacy with a clear mission: to help Internet users take back control over their personal information.

Comprehensive privacy is not only possible, it’s realistic. Our team is made of people with diverse technical backgrounds and skill sets, and a deep knowledge of the state of online privacy. Our founder is an engineer by training who left a career in advertising after seeing firsthand the increasing abuses of personal data that are taking place.

At Winston, we’re not only building products that put the power back into your hands, we’re also advocating for change.

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