Witty | Takes care of your smartphone battery

Witty doubles the life of your battery! It works with Android & iOS on smartphones, tablets, and whatever device rechargeable via USB.

We are proud to present a small and innovative device that will allow you to double the battery life of your smartphone. Thanks to its smart electronics and its awesome design you won’t need to take care about the battery of your smartphone anymore.

Witty is a beautiful plug-in adapt to every USB charger, where behind a fresh and endearing design lies an innovative technology.

With its electronic flow controller it allows you to intelligently manage the charging of your smartphone by disconnecting it via an electromechanical switch when the charge is complete, in order to preserve the useful life of your battery.

Witty is compatible with everyone, it can be used by all types of users, be they Android, iOS, Windows thanks to the USB Type A output that makes it universally compatible.

And that's not all! Every device loaded via USB fits with Witty including the Wireless pads.

Witty is not only useful for your Smartphone but being made of ABS material, it has a fresh and beautiful shape, which adds a touch of Italian Design to your room.

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