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WYN Bullet | This Bullet Saves Lives!

Updated: Jul 30

A Must-Have Survival Tool for All Drivers + Highly Addictive EDC Focus Tool!

WYN LABS™ is an innovative team focused on creating useful and creative products perfect for the everyday use.  We are back to present our latest and most proud creation:a life-saving tool.

IntroducingWYN Bullet™ - the world's most powerful spring-loaded emergency window breaker.  Its patent pending direct-impact technology delivers a powerful strike directly to a tungsten carbide tip, allowing the vehicle occupant toeasily break car windows for emergency escape.

WYN Bullet is compact for easy storage and access.  It comes with a removable pocket clip and key-ring loop so you can always carry it with you.  It is an essential addition to your everyday carry (EDC).

In case of an emergency: press the bullet tip against the car side window.  The spring-loaded internal striker will release and hammer the ultra-hard carbide tip with a powerful force and shatter tempered glass. 

WYN Bullet is a must-have car escape/rescue tool for all safety-conscious drivers. When every second matters, you can count on it to save your life, and the lives of other people.

In 2017 there were 20,800 accidents related to fire or water submersion, resulting in 1,874 deaths in the US.  In an accident, a car may lose all electrical power or its doors are jammed.  When a car falls into the water, you only have a few seconds to escape to safe


An extensive study by AAA (American Automotive Association) published in 2019 confirmed that emergency vehicle escape tools are a lifesaver.


  • Length: 77 mm | 3.0 in

  • Diameter: 13.0 mm | 0.5 in

  • Weight: 45 gr | 1.6 oz

  • Material: Stainless Steel & Tungsten Carbide 

  • Finish: SS | Black Oxide

  • Accessory: Pocket Clip & Keyring Loop 

This small, efficient and easy-to-use tool is made of precision machined parts with high quality materials.

Designed to mimic the look of a real bullet, WYN Bullet looks strikingly beautiful and is amazingly powerful.  You will definitely enjoy holding this revolutionary rescue tool in your hands. 

OurPatent-Pending Technologypositions the internal striker inside the bullet head, directly behind the tungsten tip.  This innovative design is very compact and efficient, allowing you to break tempered glass windows with ease. 

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