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YFLife AIRbox | Advanced Air Purifying Solution

Updated: Jun 17

This tiny device is built to destroy harmful air pollutants and reduce the PM2.5 levels in the air.

AIRbox is more powerful than HEPA purifiers!

Do you know how much allergens and pollutants you breathe in every day? 

Indoor spaces often contain more allergens than outdoors.

Since we spend most of our day indoor, indoor air quality becomes critical to our overall health.

Say hello to the air purifier that will change your view of air purifiers forever

Equipped with the most advanced photocatalysis nanotechnology and negative ion technology, AIRbox is designed to clean the air around you. 

AIRbox is equipped with the most advanced “PCO photocatalyst reactor” and “negative ion technology.

In comparison with traditional HEPA air purifiers, it can break down toxic chemicals, clean up finer dust particles, and destroy more viruses and bacteria.  Its powerful efficiency of cleansing and sterilizing can better the effect of the air purification.

AIRbox is not rocket science; it's just science that gets put into good use. AIRbox keeps the air clean in three steps:

Step 1. Washable Air Filter Traps Large Dust Particles 

When air enters AIRbox, it's first filtered by our unique washable air filter. No more spending money on buying replacement filters! Just rinse it with tap water and air dry before putting it back into the device. 

Step 2. Patented Nano Reactor Destroys Pollutants and Harmful Chemicals

A chemical reaction is created when our patented nanoreactor is activated by UV LED light. Pollutants and harmful chemicals are broken down into harmless molecules as they pass through the nanoreactor. 

Step 3. Negative Ion Generator Reduces PM2.5 Level

Finally, AIRbox has a negative ion generator that will release 20 million ions per second into the air. The negative ions will attach themselves to PM2.5 particles in the air, making them too heavy to remain airborne. The air outlet also generates cyclonic airflow, promoting better air circulation.

Asthma and runny nose are not the sole symptoms of the bad air quality, but these symptoms are the warning signs that your health has been negatively impacted!

If you experience any of the following symptoms on a regular basis, you should consider examining your environment for any allergens or toxic elements.

COVID-19 has been impacting our daily lives, changing our consumption habits and our daily routines.

Air purifiers were invented for a reason: air isn't something that can be cleaned by wipes, and sometimes you can't control the air quality around you.

Don't miss a chance to clean the air around you!

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