Zero 3 | Hybrid Bifold Card Wallet in Carbon Fiber

Updated: Jul 30

Advanced Engineering Carry for Minimalists.

We’ve sold thousands of minimalist inspired goods to all corners of the world through Kickstarter. Over the years - we’ve honed our craft and learnt from all the bumps along the way to bring more innovative products directly into your hands.

Now we’re back for 2020 - and love to share what we’ve been working on for our next installment on our Journey to Sleek.


We're commited to advancing the boundaries of our everyday carry, redefining the traditional wallet as we know it. We've combined all of your favourite features and have improved many aspects of detailing - to create the perfect wallet. 

Introducing Zero 3 Bi Fold Card Wallet - engineered for minimalists and designed for easy intuitive use . Equipped with multi-functional features, you wouldn’t want to go anywhere without it. 


A unique combination of features and attention to detail of every compartment focuses solely on function. Slightly larger than its predecessor, the design is still kept to a minimalist style. 

Wallet complete with internal elastic strap, controlled magnetic closures, quick pull eject tabs and angled slots create single-motion removal of cards/cash. Built with a collapsible zipper slot for coins/small items and a sim card holder slot.

Lined internally with RFID shielding fabric and a curved spine allows for easy open-canvas style access, whilst encasing all sensitive contents inside. Made of signature carbon fiber twill leather, finished with painted edges for maximum durability.

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99.99% UV-C Filtration of Pathogens and Air Pollution


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