• Chris

Zeus | The King of Wallets

Hi-Tech EDC Wallet | Tracker Alarm | RFID Blocking | Modular Design

We designed Zeus Wallet with the aim to have in a single wallet all the features of other wallets on the market and we called it Zeus because it surely is the King of all wallets.

Money clip, sliding box, blocked Rfid, and tracked tag in a perfect match between design and technology. 

With a simple movement of the hand, the cards come out like a pack of cards and are easy to retrieve.

Zeus Wallet is free of any type of mechanism subject to wear and thanks to its innovative magnetic closure, this wallet is guaranteed for life!

Thanks to the easy free app available for IOS or Android, you can configure all the alarms you want in order to be notified every time you move away from your Zeus wallet.

You can choose from three different colors, find the best for your King's Wallet!

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